PSA : I have BANGS!

PSA : I have BANGS!

When it comes to my hair, I’m VERY cautious. I’ve had my fair share of chopping off multiple inches at a time but it’s never been anything too drastic.



It wasn’t until I had the guts to go through with getting bangs. I knew I always wanted to do it but chickened out in the end and ended up with long side bangs or nothing different at all. But this time I was sticking to it.

I went to Glamour Bar in Downtown Denver after work on a Friday ALONE. Not even a friend to hold my hand. It wasn’t until Carliette, a hair stylist at Glamour Bar, had all of my hair at the top of my head in her hand with a pair of scissors that my stomach just…dropped. She said “are you ready?”. When I replied with a quiet “OMG”, I think she understood how big of a deal for me this really was. She cut anyways. (Go Carliette!)




After the whole thing was said and done and she was teaching me how to style my newly cut bangs, she asked me how long I had been thinking about doing this. I think my “OMG” moment made her question it. I assured her not to worry, it was something I truly wanted to do and that I was extremely happy I went through with it.






Moral of the bangs story: It’s OKAY to switch up your style every once in a while. Even though I still think 23 is old, (I’m told) it’s not. I’m still discovering who I am and what my style is. Sometimes it takes doing something drastic to your hair or wardrobe to really figure out what you like or don’t like. I also showed myself I can have some guts every once in a while 🙂

Big shoutout to Glamour Bar for being there to hold my hand! (But be concerned if I come in asking you for a bob cut)


(top outfit info)

top : maison jules   // pants : nordstrom rack, 14th & Union // shoes : crown vintage (similar splendid here)  // watch : michael kors

Xo, Samantha