5 Steps To Improving Your Skin

5 Steps To Improving Your Skin


I get a lot of advice from my mom and grandma, such as, don’t buy any piece of clothing that’s wrong for your body type, my eyes are bigger than my stomach, but most importantly, don’t touch my face! They have always emphasized the importance of taking care of my skin. The older I get, the more I realize how much better I feel about myself when I’m happy with how my skin looks. If I have a pimple pop up out of no where or my skin is feeling sub par, I’m self-conscious to talk to anyone want to hide out. Here are some things I make sure to include in my skin care routine so I can continue to feel as confident as possible.

1. Eat Right //  I try to eat extremely clean to keep my skin looking clear.  Some power foods & beverages you can consume everyday to continue to have clear skin are leafy greens, lemon water, green tea, berries, and salmon. Sneak these items into your meals and you’ll see some of your skin issues start to disappear.

2. Wash your face every night // Washing your face every night entails cleaning your face of all toxins you’ve come in contact with throughout the day and gives you the chance to take off all your make up from the day. Sleeping in your makeup can be one of the worst things you can do for your skin! (another tip from my mother 🙂 )

3. Find a cleanser that works for you // A cleanser that works for one person may not work for another. I know that I don’t have oily skin so a cleanser that is meant to help people out with oily skin, will only make my skin dryer. Not ideal! It is worth an investment to have a skin consultation with a dermatologist. They can run tests and give you insight on your skin that you would have never heard of our found out on your own. Shop my pick below:

4. Wear SPF // I live in Colorado where we are that much closer to the sun. I can be outside for 20 minutes and end up with a small burn. Add all these times up and I’m looking at some serious skin issues when I’m older. I recommend using 30 SPF everyday but anything is better than nothing!

5. Treat Yo Self! // There are multiple ways to treat yourself when it comes to skin care…I chose to get a facial. It was my first facial ever and I went to Jenny at I Heart Skin Denver. It was one of the most relaxing hours ever and she also treated some spots on my face that I had been having issues with. She tailored my hour long facial to my exact needs and it cleared them up in just a few days! Facials are going to be a regular for me now to keep my skin feeling fresh and blemish free!


Sure we can keep a strict skin regime and eat the right foods, but things happen and our body goes through unexpected instances and we’ll break out every once in a while. It happens to everyone and no one should feel discouraged! But use these 5 steps and I guarantee you’ll see an improvement in your skin.


Xo, Samantha