HASK Superfruit…Super SHINE

HASK Superfruit…Super SHINE

If you read my post on getting bangs, then you know how important my hair is to me. But unfortunately, as much as I’d love to spend an hour in the morning making sure my hair looks perfect before I head out the door, I just do not have the time. I usually workout in the mornings so my showers are quick and fixing my hair is almost nonexistent.

To make sure I don’t roll up to work with my hair looking like one big frizz ball and giving it as many vitamins and minerals to protect against anything that may damage it (achem straightener, I’m talking to you), I need to be more particular about picking out my shampoo & conditioner. I recently tried out HASK Superfruit Hair products and I am SO pleased with how my hair shines the rest of the day.

I recently went to Denver Fashion Week and went a little crazy with my hairstyle for one of the nights. Check out that SHINE after using the HASK products. I use the Healthy Hair Deep Conditioner about once a week to give my hair some special love in the conditioning department.

Thanks to HASK, I feel like I could be the next star in a L’Oreal hair commercial! Okay, that may be stretching it but you catch my drift. Can’t wait to see your hair shine, too!


Thank you to HASK Beauty for sponsoring this post.