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Wear To Work : Patterned Pants

Wear To Work : Patterned Pants

Finding something trendy, comfortable, and professional to wear to work is one of the worlds biggest dilemmas. Part of the inspiration behind my new career section of the blog was to bring you ideas on what YOU can wear in a professional setting.

Client meetings? I’ll show you the most flattering dress for your body type.

Long business trip? Pick a versatile skirt that you can wear with multiple outfits. 

Not feeling skirts or dresses today? Professional work pants are the way to go!

I got this pair for a reasonable price from Old Navy. There are SO many other pairs to choose from! Since half of my closet is filled with plain black tops and bottoms (I swear, sometimes I can be more exciting than that), I knew that a pair of pants with black accents would be worth making a part of my wardrobe. These black & white pants can go with multiple tops I have right now because the black is extremely easy to pair.

I was able to fly out to San Francisco last week to meet with one of my customers. I jetted out to the bay area a day early so I could sneak in some extra time with family and friends. Knowing I would be responsible for toting around my work bag and suitcase all day on Thursday in order to visit with everyone I wanted to see, I opted for my Kate Spade backpack instead of a huge suitcase. Since I couldn’t fill my suitcase with multiple tops and bottoms to wear while I was in San Fran, I chose to mix and match multiple pieces for the two and a half days I was there. This really cut down on what I had to bring! These pants definitely came to the rescue because I could wear them with the one black top I brought on the trip. A pair of professional work pants are the perfect addition for your Wear To Work wardrobe. Having a simple item on hand for meetings, or any professional setting, is essential if the last thing you want to do is put together an outfit. Here are some of my favorite patterned pants to purchase NOW!

top : chloe & katie // pants : old navy // coat : h&m // shoes : similar

Thank you to Heather Burton Photography for taking the photos in this post.