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New Year…New York

New Year…New York

If you haven’t caught my hints in some of my latest Instagram posts, I’m happy to announce that I’m about to embark on a big move from Denver to New York City! It’s been a dream of mine since I can remember to live out there in the greatest city on earth and I’m so excited it’s finally happening. Some background info…my current job is letting me transfer from the Denver office to our New York office. Being able to move to the city WITH a job is the dream!

I can’t wait for the non-stop, hectic, everyone running around with their heads cut-off, lifestyle. It’s not ideal for everyone but I can’t get enough of it! Since I was little I’ve always had to be involved in a million and one activities, committees, jobs, etc. It’s always been that the more I have on my plate, the more successful and productive I am.

I’m trying not to tune out the people telling me I’ll “spend all my money” or “burn out”. I’m fully aware these are possible…TRUST ME. But if I don’t take this step in my career and life, then I’ll live with wondering what would have happened if I never took the risk.

Right now, I see it as a big what if. What if I never followed through with moving…are there any opportunities I would have missed out on with taking my career (my job in tech & my blog) to the next level? There is so much hunger and determination in the city that I’m confident only good things will come of it.

I know…

  1. I have to live more on a budget than I ever have.
  2. I’ll work harder (and more) than ever before.
  3. Daily life will be a little more difficult.
  4. The everyday person I run into may not be the typical mid western nice I’m used to.

All of these reasons yet I’m still excited as ever to get out there. It’s a city of possibility and adventure that I’m ready to take on! Be sure to follow along with my journey on this new adventure and chapter in my life.





Scarf : Kate Spade New York Map Scarf