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2017 Goal Setting

2017 Goal Setting

The time right before and after the new yearis the perfect time to reflect on the past year and set goals. Let’s be honest, no one actually sits down and writes out their goals word for word. There are so many other ways to set goals that are more beneficial…and FUN! Try out these alternatives to getting your goals set for 2017!

  • Make a vision board: A vision board will keep you motivated throughout the year to stick to those goals. To start out, choose a color scheme and an umbrella goal for the year and go from there. Cut out images and words in magazines that correspond with your goals, make them look pretty on a piece of poster board, hang it up somewhere you can see it everyday and voila…you have your vision board! Throughout the year if you lose direction of your goals, look back at your vision board. There should be enough inspiration to feel confident you’re still on the right track!
  • Write a letter to yourself dated a year from the day you write it. It will answer all your yearly goal questions but it will also be a little easier to write because you can say whatever you want! You’re in charge of creating your future in this one letter. That’s (kinda) a lot of pressure BUT you are able to make the future how you envision it. No right or wrong answers here!

  • Use an agenda! That way you can physically write down your goals on dates you want to accomplish them. My planner is one of the most important things to me since I’m a huge list maker. I like to know my schedule at all times so my planner is essentially attached to my hip. Getting my thoughts down on paper helps me to solidify my plans and know exactly whats coming up. Seeing exact dates can give you more motivation to accomplish those goals! Here are a few of my favorite planners:

Kate Spade New York

Ban. do

Lilly Pulitzer

Vera Bradley

Erin Condren

Happy Goal Setting!