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Work Wardrobe Reresh // Scout & Molly’s

It’s a brand new year which means it’s time to set those goals for 2017. One resolution that tends to get overlooked is uping our wardrobe game. Strutting into the office like it’s our runway at the beginning of the year can do wonders for our self-esteem & work ethic throughout the rest of the year. For me, feeling confident in what I’m wearing helps me work harder on the days I just want to stay in bed!

One of the ways I keep my work wardrobe refreshed is splurging on investment pieces that are easy to pair with what I already have hanging in my closet. Mixing & matching is the key to dressing on a budget! And as I head off to New York at the end of the month, my budget is at the top of my priority list. 

Let’s start with this pencil dress from Nanette Lepore. Pencil dresses are a great investment piece because they are easy to wear by themselves in the summer and layer with heavy coats or light jackets in the fall, spring & winter. Love me a year-round piece!

If someone tells you to not mix dark colors, don’t believe them. This is a fashion rule I’m constantly breaking…and proud of it. I have so many dark colors hanging in my closet because it works well with my complexion. I believe that mixing & matching 2 different dark tones will just increase the intensity of the outfit. That’s why I chose this black Wish jacket to wear over the deep blue dress. The jacket is another investment piece that I can throw over a dress or slacks in the fall…then layer with a chunky scarf for the winter. So much versatility in one piece, I love it!

As you’re updating and refreshing your work wardrobe for the new year, be sure to check out Scout & Molly’s in Cherry Creek for the perfect investment pieces for 2017. I’ll be coming out with more work wardrobe inspo with Scout & Molly’s so stay tuned!

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