No More Coffee Stains With Smile Brilliant

No More Coffee Stains With Smile Brilliant

When it comes to coffee drinking, I’m a pro. I pretty much have a cup with me at all hours of the day, it’s dangerous! Not only do I drink it to give me that extra boost in the morning, I also love the taste of it. A little cream and sugar and I have myself a nice little afternoon pick me up.

The problem with being an avid coffee drinker is that it’s not so nice to the color of my teeth. We all love those pearly whites and coffee has pretty much become their enemy. But I’ve found the key in how I can continue to drink coffee like there’s no tomorrow AND have white teeth. It’s called Smile Brilliant and it pretty much reverses my coffee stained teeth with the use of custom teeth whitening trays.

All I had to do was have Smile Brilliant send me the first kit. Everything is included to take impressions of my teeth and mail it right back to them with the prepaid label. It’s that easy! A few weeks after I received my personalized teeth whitening trays to use to apply the whitening gel.

Once I had my trays, it was time to whiten. Smile Brilliant has you brush your teeth with water and not toothpaste before applying the whitening gel. I then applied the gel to the inside of the trays that would be directly hitting my teeth and wore them for about an hour. You can wear them for longer than that but I could never find enough time in the day to do more.

After that hour passed it was time to brush my teeth with normal toothpaste. Step 2 was applying the desensitizing gel to the trays the same way I did the whitening gel. I then wore this round for about 20 minutes. THAT’S IT. The desensitizing gel is a must since our teeth are already so sensitive without realizing it. No going to the dentist and dropping hundreds of $$$ to see those pearly whites. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price! Yep, all for less than $200.

Don’t just trust my opinion? Here are some other testimonials to prove how amazing this product is. You can also check out this video by Sarah Butler on YouTube. Here is some hard evidence with my before & after pictures. I definitely could have devoted more time to the whitening process but it was very hard to find that extra time with my crazy schedule. With how little effort I had to put towards the process, I’m amazed at the difference!

Want to try Smile Brilliant for yourself? I’m sharing with YOU $20 off for the first 20 readers. You can enter my giveaway for a free pair by clicking HERE and use the code “blueeyedbuttons20” for $20 off your next set.

Can’t wait to see YOUR pearly whites shine!



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