The Power of Tea Tree Oil

The Power of Tea Tree Oil

Living in New York City has definitely affected my skin. It may be that I came from a completely different world in Colorado, but the air here is more polluted and I’m exposed to more germs. Not to mention the stress of living in such a high demand and on the go city.

Those stressful events are not so nice to your body or skin. Diet wise, I try to eat as clean as possible to keep my immune system up to speed with my crazy lifestyle. Eating clean can also help keep your skin clean of blemishes and break outs. I’ve had issues with minor breakouts since my middle school years so it’s, unfortunately, something that I have to monitor quite often. Having a good diet helps but not as much as I would like it to.

Enter: Keeva Organics that’s made with 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is one of those power substances that are sweeping the market that has more uses than one. Using all natural ingredients, Keeva helps my skin dodge those minor breakouts to keep my skin looking as clean as possible. I tried the Acne Serum and Face Wash. Both worked wonders but I will continue to use only the Acne Serum and here’s why…

I like using either a foamy or bubbly face wash so I can actually see it working. Weird, I know, but I love the way it feels! I really liked how clean the Acne Serum smelled and also the way it felt after I applied it after the face wash. I’m now continuing to use just see the Acne Serum because I continue to see the difference it makes on how my skin looks and feels. It’s smoother throughout the day and I also don’t see as many minor breakouts.


This post was sponsored by Keeva Organics. All opinions are my own.