My Skin Prep for Summer

My Skin Prep for Summer

We all use different tips and tricks to improve our skin for when summer comes around. Here’s what I do…

Moisturize // It is so important to moisturize our skin. Since the sun is so strong during this time of year, we need to be extremely careful with protecting it against its harmful rays. When I’m wearing make-up for the day, I use a Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. When I want to go with a make-up free alternative and only use moisturizer, I either use one from Olay or another one from Neutrogena. Both are very inexpensive and have enough SPF to fully protect your skin. Wearing SPF as a 20-something year old also protects against wrinkles in the future!

Hydrate // Water, water & more water. Drinking water does wonders for our body and skin. A few benefits to drinking enough water is having skin free of blemishes, improved digestion, & a healthy, glowing complexion. Also, you can add a little lemon for a better taste! Here are some of my favorite on-the-go water bottles…obsessing over the S’well bottle with the NYC skyline.

Exfoliate // Exfoliating our skin should also be part of our weekly skin regime. While exfoliating everyday can actually be harmful to our skin, exfoliating only one or two times a week can be extremely beneficial. It will allow new skin cells to resurface so our skin is smoother than ever. I’ve been exfoliating with Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish. This powerful little bottle offers a triple action approach to skin renewal by offering a blend of physical, chemical and enzyme rejuvenators to kill those existing skin cells and make room for new ones. By using it a few times a week, I can improve my pores and dark spots, keep my skin feeling smooth and increase it’s natural glow. This really is a mighty potion in such a small bottle! Check out more info on the product here.

Now bring on the warmer temps, New York!

Thank you to Exuviance for sponsoring this post.