Happy Hour with Hackamore

Happy Hour with Hackamore

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is gathering friends for holidays, events or just to be together. I think that making an effort to do this every once in a while is really special. It’s definitely harder to do when living in the city because the living & entertaining spaces are smaller but we have to make the most of it! If you’re looking to entertain a few guests at your apartment and not wanting to spend money on overpriced drinks at a bar or dinner out, here are a few tips.

1) Move as much furniture possible to the outsides of the room so your living area is extra spacious. I don’t have a lot of furniture in my living room but even the slightest move of a chair or ottoman can open up the space significantly.

2) Opt for only drinks instead of drinks & food. Cooking, or even just prepping any type of food option, can junk up most of the kitchen area. To make sure your guests have room to put their drinks down and are conversing comfortably, offer only drinks and maybe a few easy snack options instead of full out appetizers. Some easy food ideas could be chips & salsa, chocolate covered almonds or pretty much any frozen appetizer from Trader Joe’s. (I love you TJ’s!)

3) Be sure to have an alcohol free option for your get together so you’re catering to everyone attending. Even though alcohol seems like the base of all types of gatherings, there are still people that would rather do without for multiple reasons. It’s always nice to be respectful and have an option for them so they aren’t stuck with water. I’ve teamed up with Hackamore to bring you the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail for your guests! What’s great about Hackamore that it’s alcohol free AND packed with B Vitamins and still only ZERO calories. This premium, non-alcoholic beverage can be prepped in so many ways. Check out my very own recipe below for some inspiration.



Add the above ingredients to your desired glass with a  few ice cubes and mix with a spoon. Voila! You have your very own Hackamore Energy Cocktail. If you want the energy boost benefits and also an alcoholic beverage, feel free to throw some booze in. I suggest using vodka with this recipe.

Also, one of my favorite parts about this product is the beautiful bottle and how it looks like top shelf liquor. Can you say #BarCartGoals?!

Are you living in NYC and want to try this energy drink for yourself? Find out everywhere this product is sold here.  The Gordon Bar at SIXTY Soho is on my list to try!

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