Reasons Why I’m So Over Instagram

Reasons Why I’m So Over Instagram

I used to love Instagram. It was so easy to post a picture from your blog, tell followers to visit the new post and give a shout out to brands.

So simple. That’s why we all used it, right?

Then I started questioning a few things. I heard rumors about this new “algorithm” and that followers weren’t seeing my posts, even if they scrolled for hours. Instagram had a new language we had to figure out.

Aside from succumbing to the new tips & tricks that would allow people to discover my page, there’s also an obsession over numbers.

Am I getting enough likes? Why did this picture not get any comments? Why is my reach so much lower than others?

The obsession is real. Bloggers, influencers and business owners alike are worried about their engagement numbers on Instagram. I think it’s a general consensus that everyone’s numbers have gone way, way down recently. It’s become a competition that no one will win. I try to not worry about it but when others are so engrossed over the details, it’s hard to ignore it myself.

I’ve always suffered with comparing myself to others and now it’s easier than ever to give into the scrutiny. Our confidence and assurance that we’re doing OK is defined by a tiny number on your screen. There are so many factors that could go into why that number either either high or low. Because I don’t want to bore anyone with the details I’ve come to this one conclusion…IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Post because you feel like it.

Engage with others because you want to.

It should be that simple.

Instagram shouldn’t be this unresolved quantum physics formula because IT’S NOT. It should be used as our source of inspiration and our outlet to inspire others. Sure, it’s difficult to get away from the mindset we’re all in and to not beat our head over the tiny details but I’ve currently switched my mindset and feel so. much. better.

I’m starting a mid-year blog resolution and focusing more efforts on my website rather than obsessing over the look of my Instagram page. Join me in taking the stress out of Instagram and making it a source of inspiration again.