The Jumpsuit Trend

The Jumpsuit Trend

I don’t usually get too personal on the blog but today we’re doing it. Let’s talk about stress! (I promise we’ll get to this fab jumpsuit later on)

Stress has always played a big role in my life. I’m either stressed because I  voluntarily put too much on my plate or just stressed about small details. I’ve learned that it’s OKAY to be stressed sometimes. I fully believe that it gives us a sense of urgency and the perfect get sh*t done attitude.

I’ve always been one to put a lot of stress on myself. Whether it was competitive skating through high school while juggling a full class schedule, being involved in multiple student orgs or this whole blog thing while working full-time…I’ve learned the (sometimes) hard way to deal with stress. Scroll down to read about some tips I have in dealing with this.



  • One thing that always helps me through these types of situations is writing it down. It’s easier to tackle your to-do list once it’s all in front of you. You might also realized it’s not as long as you thought! I’m such a visual person that I’ve learned this way works really well for me. Hence why I’m always writing in my planner!


  • Take a break! As much as I’d like to just keep hammering out these tasks on my to-do less so I feel less stressed, sometimes it doesn’t work. Taking a mental & physical break from what’s giving me stress definitely helps me get more done when I start back up again.


  • Adding the gym to my to-do list. Sure, adding one more thing to the list doesn’t seem helpful but if I were to add anything, it would be the gym. My favorite ‘Legally Blonde’ quote…”Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” P.S. Sorry if you know me too well and have heard me say this a million times. But it’s true! Working out in the morning is proven to make you more productive.. It definitely keeps me more motivated throughout the day!



My final KEY to relieving stress are JUMPSUITS! Why choose 2 pieces to wear in the morning when you can just choose 1?! Okay…this might not be for everyone but it works for me. Especially with this no brainer jumpsuit is this Surplice Jumpsuit from SheIn. Best part? It’s only $25! Seriously, one of my best steals in a while.


So go grab a fresh cup of coffee and get sh*t done!