Simple Statement Jewelry

Simple Statement Jewelry

Did you read my last post on why I’m so over Instagram? I made a mid-year blog-resolution to focus on the look & content of my website instead of spending so much time on Instagram. If you haven’t been here in a while, I switched up the design a bit. Let me know how you like it! P.S. I love suggestions 🙂

Something I talk a lot about on here are pieces that are easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Let’s be honest, dressing is hard. We get so busy that figuring out what to wear in the morning is the bottom of our priority list. Finding items that are simple and already go with everything hanging in your closet is key.

That’s why I’m on the hunt for simple pieces of statement jewelry.

This simple statement jewelry can be worn with just about everything. I stacked a few of my own here. One is a chocker bar necklace similar to this one or this one, and the other drops a little further with a blue pendant.

I like to pair this style of jewelry with v-neck tops like the one I’m wearing here from Nordstrom. It’s only $24 and one of the most comfortable shirts I’ve owned! Here are a few v-necks that will keep your look simple and show off your jewelry.


I’ve also picked out some of my favorite simple statement pieces that instantly hit my wish list. All the options are under $100!

{using all self control possible to not buy everything}