What’s In My Bag For NYFW?

What’s In My Bag For NYFW?

I’ve grown up hearing & seeing so much about New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Fun fact, I was actually studying in Paris during Fall Fashion Week in 2013 but New York Fashion Week seems to me like it’s the biggest of them all. Photos from these weeks always filled the fashion magazines I read growing up. I never imagined I would not only be living in New York City during fashion week, but have a business like my blog that would help me actually be a part of the week. Someone pinch me!

Sure, I didn’t get invited to all the designers under the sun and still have my normal 9-5 job in the tech industry that’s really keeping me busy right now…but I’m going to make the most out of this week. I’m going to do as much as I can and see as much fashion as possible. I think the thing I’m most excited about is the street fashion! Who knows what inspiration we can grab from the streets of NYC this week?!

I did a few things to prep for this weekend. The first thing is scouring my closet for anything and everything I can put together for fun outfits. Gotta get resourceful! The second thing is making sure everything I need throughout the day is in my bag.


Here is everything that made the cut:


1 // Phone. Duh. But also don’t forget your charger for quick coffee shop charge breaks! I’m somewhat addicted to my phone so I know the charger is a must.

2 // Headphones. I loooove to walk everywhere and who doesn’t like some good walking music while we’re out and about!?

3 // Powder. Long days can make us look pretty tired. If we want a quick fix, a little powder can do the trick! My go-to, everyday powder is the Perfecting Veil from Bare Minerals. I use the color Light to Medium. It’s not too heavy at all and light enough to still look great.

4 // Your subway card. Taxi’s or Uber’s may seem like the easier choice but taking the Subway almost always gets me to my destination faster. You don’t even have to worry about traffic and it will definitely save you a few pennies.

5 // The perfect, natural looking lipstick. I’m not the biggest fan of wearing lipstick everyday but I fell in love with the MAC Color and their lipsticks. The color is Velvet and it’s gives a really nice matte finish that stays on for hours. It’s also part of Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty event going on in September! Everyday in September, Ulta is putting a few products on sale at a fraction of their price. This baby will be 50% off on Wednesday, September 20th so set that reminder on your phone!



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Stay tuned to catch some of the fun I’ll be having this whole next week! Follow me on Instagram for the latest 🙂



This post is sponsored by Ulta Beauty and all opinions are my own.