NYFW Lulu’s Style Studio // Not Being Awkward At Events

NYFW Lulu’s Style Studio // Not Being Awkward At Events


Saturday night of Fashion Week I had the opportunity to go to Lulu’s Style Studio. I went with Nicole from Michenn and had such a good time! The event was held at Second Floor near Midtown which was the perfect event venue. Everything there was so Instagrammable which made me want to move right in. We ate their delicious snacks, sipped on their over the top cocktails, got my hair braided by their glam squad and met bloggers from all over the country. We even got to choose an outfit to take home with us from a line of mannequins!

I’m still fairly new to the blogging scene…especially in NYC. Whenever I go to events like these I never know a lot of people. In the hopes of helping myself & you guys, I’ve rounded out my top 5 tips on not being awkward on social events. Read on below!



1 // Introduce yourself to everyone. Don’t force an introduction on someone that’s across the room (I have a really awkward scene playing through my head right now) but definitely get to know anyone you come in contact with. Having a bite to eat with some others at a cocktail table? Say hi!

2 // Smile! No one wants to talk to a Debbie Downer.

3 // Ask more questions. People like it when you’re interested in their lives. Don’t talk too much about yourself or your surroundings like the party you’re at (seems very superficial).

4 // Find a similarity. I had an obvious one with everyone I met last night…we all blog. But there are so many others you could find! Favorite restaurant? Part of town you live in? There are so many!

5 // Be a good listener. No word vomit on anything and everything that comes to mind when you’re trying to talk to someone. Listen to what they have to say because you don’t have to be the only one talking. Let them ask questions too!