NYFW // 5 Things I Learned About Fashion Week

NYFW // 5 Things I Learned About Fashion Week

Being here for New York Fashion Week was amazing. I loved getting to go to events, shows and see some blogging friends I had made in Denver. Instead of riding out the entire week and doing something all seven days (phew), I packed only a few days FULL of shows and events. This definitely made those days absolutely insane but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was so much more fun to get dressed up for those full days instead of everyday…for seven straight days. Girls gotta wear her athletic wear out every once in a while and unfortunately, it’s not too acceptable at fashion week 🙂

Keep reading for some things I learned from my first fashion week experience.



1 // It’s exhausting. I only did a few days full out and I felt like I got hit by a bus at the end of it. The planning, running around the city, keeping up with social media and staying organized was a feat. I couldn’t imagine doing a full 7 days of that!

2 // Some bloggers aren’t as nice as they seem. Not going to lie, I had some realllllly fake conversations. I don’t want to judge too much because these bloggers could have been stressed and our conversation then came off as superficial. When you blog full-time, your business is YOU. It’s hard not to be self-centered and I really applaud the ones that are not.

3 // Shows are hard to get into, even if people make it seem easy. For the larger shows they seem to select a small amount of people to attend. You also have to remember that bloggers aren’t the only ones in the fashion world (really, they might be the smallest part). There are people that work for different publications, designers, photographers, assistants, you name it. Those people can add up FAST. I learned that for most invites, you have to reach out to the PR company yourself to RSVP. These PR companies are constantly having to update their list of invites so take it into your own hands to put yourself on the list!

4 // It seemed like it was more common to attend parties and events as a blogger than it was a show. When someone invites us to a party, it’s like guaranteed PR for the brand hosting because we’re constantly talking about what we’re doing and where we’re going.

5 // It’s FUN! I fully believe there are not enough days in the year where we get to dress up..just for fun. I absolutely loved this excuse to get creative and be around some like-minded people.



Fashion week will definitely be on the agenda every year while I’m living in New York. Hope you learned a little bit about fashion week from behind the scenes. I’ll have a few more fashion week looks on the blog in the next few days so stay tuned!