Why A Social Media Break & Digital Detox Is Important

Why A Social Media Break & Digital Detox Is Important

I’m BACK from a week in Vegas! What a trip. From giving a presentation in front of 250 people for my company, to getting to spend the weekend there and seeing everything that Vegas has to offer…I’m exhausted. I definitely don’t recommend spending SEVEN DAYS in a place like that. It will be a very long time until I go back 🙂

As I prepped for this crazy week, one thing I made sure of while I was there was that I stayed off all social media and had the ultimate digital detox. I didn’t post, Instastory, or blog AT ALL for an entire week. The noise and distraction from the digital world was off my plate and I was able to focus on work and spending time with my co-workers. This meant spending time in the present instead of focusing on what others were doing.



After spending this entire week off of social media, this is what I noticed…

1 // I’m engaged in more conversations AND remember the tiny details of every conversation.

2 // I was 100% focused on my work instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

3 // I was invested more in what I was doing and not what others were doing.

4 // I was happier with myself. I didn’t compare myself to anyone through my tiny phone screen for an entire week and it. was. awesome.



Being on social media and in the digital world is pretty much my entire blogging business so this detox definitely can’t last long without taking a big toll. Social media has so many perks but it’s also equally taxing on our lives. I’m now challenging myself (and you!) to take a full digital & social media detox once every three months. Once a quarter. Four times a year. That’s not a lot at all but trust me, it will do wonders!


Photography by Megan Porras Photography

Location is Gansevoort Meatpacking