The Floss Bar // Changing The Way We Go To The Dentist

The Floss Bar // Changing The Way We Go To The Dentist


There are impleo many reasons why t love living in New York City. The never ending list of restaurants and bars, having some of the best entertainment at my fingertips, the BEST shopping in the world, and being in a place where ideas flourish and entrepreneurship is at its peak.


That being said, I was referred to The Floss Bar and had one of those moments where I thought “THIS is cool” and “WHY hasn’t this been done before?” Their idea makes going to the dentist simple, which is usually an event surrounded by a lot of fear. Fun fact: I actually LOVE going to the dentist. Why is it such a big deal to find a dentist, schedule an appointment that fits into your work schedule, get everything you need done (and nothing more) and stay on your insurance plan?


We are busy people. Why does going to the dentist have to be so hard?




The Floss Bar is a simple idea that makes all of this so much easier and here’s why.


They have extremely transparent pricing for x-rays, cleanings and whitenings. You can book appointments outside of your work schedule. I went in at 5:30pm on a Saturday! There are locations all over the city so you can get to them without disrupting the rest of your day.


My favorite service they offer is the Floss, Polish and Go. I like to think of it as brushing your teeth on steroids and its only $15. Perfect before any special night out!







I am so pleased with how my appointment went! I admit, it had been a while since I stepped foot in a dentist office, (I blame the move) BUT I couldn’t have been happier when I left. The dentist for my appointment openly told me I should probably invest in an electric toothbrush and maybe floss a little more. No public shaming was done.


Stop putting off the dentist one more day and give this place a try! The Floss, Polish & Go is a great start with little commitment.


Book your appointment and see what I mean!