My Most Complimented Bag Is Less Than $25

My Most Complimented Bag Is Less Than $25


One of the reasons why I started a fashion blog was because I constantly get asked where I bought something and how much I paid. (Everyone knows I’m a bargain hunter 🙂 )  My goal was to create a place where I could document my findings and share them with my friends & family and anyone else that wanted to know!


I’ve recently been getting SO many compliments on this little cross body bag. You would have never guessed it but it’s actually from Amazon. It’s an Embroidered Style Crossbody and get this…. it’s less than $25! It’s the perfect amount of room for a phone, keys, small wallet and some lipstick. I think my favorite part about it is the adjustable guitar strap. When you head to this link for the bag, you can also shop other styles and colors by scrolling to the bottom for “similar items”. I was so surprised the first time I scrolled through all of these trendy bags that are also part of Amazon Prime. My Prime addiction has hit another level!


Embroidered bags are very trendy this season. Also, embroidered anything! Did you see this post? It’s a trend I don’t see stopping anytime soon.




Keep following along for more of my findings 🙂 I’ll try and share as many as possible!