Heading Back To Denver // What’s In My Travel Bag?

Heading Back To Denver // What’s In My Travel Bag?



I’m sitting, writing this post in the airport on my way to Denver, which is my first time back since I moved in January. It’s definitely an understatement to say how excited I am to jump on that plane back to the beautiful state of Colorado. Although, I’m confident there will be things about New York that will make me excited to return. I just love that city so freaking much. That’s why I made the move in the first place, because NYC has so much more of what I’m looking for in a city. But it doesn’t have the people I’ve met in the last six years.


To be honest, I went the longest time without having any desire to go back. It’s hard to pinpoint why but it’s a mix between loving what NYC has to offer and wanting to get adjusted to my life out there instead of thinking about what I missed in Denver. It was my home for almost 6 years so I will always love Denver but NYC definitely has my heart now. What I decided I really missed about Denver were the people. As a place where I spent 4 years of college and almost 2 years of post-grad, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people and made lifelong relationships. The people in those relationships…THAT is what I miss.






As I head back to the beautiful state of Colorado, I pack my bag in preparations to hop between three different friends apartments, a few days at my old office, some hiking (got so lucky with the weather!) and squeezing in meet ups with as many people as possible. With all of this on the agenda, I need to travel light. When I need to travel this light, I have to be strategic with what I’m packing. That means lots of essentials and not much more. Here is what’s in my back:


Beauty Essentials

Clothing Essentials
Just in case its cold

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Outdoorsy Time



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Photos by Megan Porras Photography