Authentic Invitations with Basic Invite & Friendsgiving Tips

Authentic Invitations with Basic Invite & Friendsgiving Tips


This time of year is my absolute favorite! Holiday decorations are popping up left and right, finding the perfect gift is on everyone’s mind and it’s the time of year to bring all of your friends and family together. Living so far from my family, it can be difficult to get back to them for every holiday during this season. Enter…Friendsgiving!

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, next to my birthday 🙂 I mean, homemade food, side dishes for days, a turkey the size of my face and endless bottles of wine…what could be better?? It’s the one day during the year where we have the excuse to eat as much as we want because it’s all part of the holiday! The only thing that makes this holiday better is being surrounded by friends. That’s why I love Friendsgiving so much! Everyone is pulling out their family recipes to show off their cooking skills. Or covering up the fact they can’t cook at all and buying everything pre-made, like me.

I’m going to a few Friendsgiving’s this year and helping host one of them. Here’s a list of everything to keep in mind so you can throw the perfect Friendsgiving.



Plan ahead.

Failing to plan can end in a disastrous meal…or one that requires more bottles of wine. Google docs are key to getting exactly what everyone is bringing and keeping them to it! Tip: once everyone has filled out the sheet, lock it down so no one can change what they’re bringing. No one bailing on that casserole they figured out is too difficult to make!


Get out the appetizers.

Your guests will most likely have dishes they need to heat up before serving because there is nothing worse than bringing a steaming hot pan of mashed potatoes on the subway. To keep your guests from eating your furniture, have a cheese plate and some crackers waiting for them. That way you’re in no rush at all to wait for everything to heat up in the oven.


Don’t overdo the guest list.

Keeping this meal small and manageable is something you’ll thank yourself for in the end. I see Friendsgiving as being a smaller, more intimate setting instead of inviting everyone you know in hopes of a party. You’re going to end up with food that’s hard to clean up and someone probably drinking one too many glasses of spiked cider. This will also keep the conversations real instead of turning everything into a drinking game.


Be authentic, send REAL invites.

Facebook invites are a thing of the past and can make some people feel like they don’t need to show up. Sending a real invitation will make your friends so special during the holidays. Basic Invites is your perfect companion for all of your invitation needs. There are so many events during the year that we can use invitations for…Friendsgiving being just one of them.

I had no clue what I wanted these invites to look like so I left their pre-made designs to take over for my own creativity. With over 250 different holiday designs, I had such a hard time choosing! I did know that I wanted to have dark red and gold incorporated into the invitations. I chose a design I wanted, added the exact color of red I had in mind and made the envelopes detailed with gold. They have over 180 colors to choose from so picking a color for what I had in mind was no biggie.

They came in the mail a week later and were beautiful. The colors were rich and the gold details on the envelope made it look like a million bucks! If I wanted to, I could have also ordered a sample of these invites before I ordered the real deal. Can you imagine, ordering hundreds of these for a larger event and the colors not matching what you had envisioned, even worse a TYPO?! Seriously, lifesaver.

Head to their site now to get your holiday invites for 30% off. Use the code holi30 and you’re set! I love these for a New Years invite or these for a Holiday party.













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