How You Can De-Stress During The Holidays // Twist On A Classic Look

How You Can De-Stress During The Holidays // Twist On A Classic Look


We’re knee deep into the holiday season! It’s such a special time of year but can be so exhausting with all of the events planned, travel to do and gifts to buy. I always look forward to the end of the month when we can finally relax and recharge for 2018.


These next 3 weeks can take a toll on us with our never ending to-do lists. As we go through this stressful time of year, it’s important we take time for ourselves. Take a peek at this list I created below on how to take a step back from reality in this craziness.


Take a fun workout class

I took my very first SoulCycle class this weekend with a friend visiting and we had a blast! It was a somewhat stressful weekend but this intense class took my mind off of it while I got a killer workout. Your first class is $20 and classes from then on can get a bit pricy but these are worth it every once in a while. If it keeps me sane..count me in!


Give some gifts out early

I LOVE giving gifts. I think the person receiving the gifts reaction makes the holidays so special. If you need a push through the holidays, surprise a co-worker, friend or family member with giving them their gift a few weeks ahead of time. It will definitely add a nice surprise for them too!


Bake it out

Sugar & carbs make everything better…right? Pull out that cookie dough mix or bake something from scratch and eat half of it before it even goes in the oven. Maybe follow this up with my workout class idea because #balance 🙂


Tea it up

Either drinking tea actually helps us de-stress…or it makes us believe we’re de-stressing. Either way, I’m a fan! Treat yo self to some holiday teas from Palais des Thes from Nordstrom and relax with a cup and a good book when the weather gets cold.


Give back

IMO, there is nothing more rewarding then giving back to those in need during the holidays. Giving your friends and family exactly what was on their list is always a nice treat but giving to someone less fortunate tops it all. I found New York Cares earlier this season and signed up to donate gifts to a few kids at a local school. These gifts might be the only items they receive this year so it was our job to make them extra special.




We forget that the holidays are also a time to slow down and enjoy time spent with loved ones. Don’t forget to take a step back from your busy lifestyle and enjoy this joyful time of year…no matter what you celebrate!


This Uniqlo top is one of the most versatile tops I own. It goes with just about everything and the color is so complimentary. I paired it with these studded booties to give my classic look a little bit of a twist. I found these on sale at Primark but I also found a similar pair from ASOS for less than $50! They’re wearable from fall through the spring so a great investment piece. The boots are the perfect height to go with the raw edge of my 3×1 W4 Shelter Straight leg Jeans.










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